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2015-16 NCAA Guide for the College Bound Student Athlete
   released May , 2015

2016-17 NCAA Guide for the College Bound Student Athlete
released May, 2016

NAIA Guide for the College Bound Student Athlete

Your college search starts here  College Board.org

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Ability is nothing without Opportunity,” so simply put, yet so true when it comes to the student athlete’s pursuit of collegiate play and their education.

Vantage Athletes role in the process is to create those opportunities.  Vantage Athletes does this by compiling and organizing all of your current athletic and academic accomplishments; constructing a professional and complete profile that best represents the student athlete; and delivers the student athlete to programs (universities) of their choice and best fit.

As a student athlete you worked on your game and in the classroom; you have achieved numerous accolades; athletically and academically, all with great aspirations of playing at the next level.  But if those talents remain in a “box”, without exposure, you will go unrecognized and unevaluated.

We are not a recruiter service.  Recruiting is the responsibility of collegiate programs.  Our objective, is to introduce the student athlete to universities (of their choice and fit) in order to be recruited; establish communication.  But this is just one of many pieces to the “puzzle” that Vantage Athletes encompasses when seeking those opportunities.  At Vantage Athletes we understand that this could be a life changing decision, we want it to be the right decision; for you and your family.
The process is not simple, and for a majority of student athletes with that collegiate desire we must have a proactive approach to being placed on the recruiting radar.  You will not obtain that by waiting for coaches of universities to find you.  The definition of Vantage is; “a position, condition or opportunity that is likely to provide superiority or an advantage.”  We are so aptly named; for every one of you there are thousands lined up competing for that spot, for that opportunity. Vantage Athletes wants to put you in the front of that line and motivates you to stay there.
With Vantage Athletes; actions will create results, but those results cannot occur without action.

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