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Parents of College athletes, really?

When I first was approached about writing blogs, I was asked to use material about my experiences as the owner/operator of Vantage Athletes.   I am fortunate to find myself surrounded by great people; parents, coaches, athletes, friends, etc., but sometimes people just throw you a loop.

Avoid this confusion with Vantage Athletes

Is this how your view the process of finding opportunities at the collegiate level for your student athlete?
We all have our sites set on the final destination, but a finding starting point and the internal works of the process can be overwhelming and discouraging.  Not at Vantage Athletes, we know how to navigate through the process that will give the student athlete opportunities and choices.

College Recuiting...truly defined

Recruiting (college athletics)
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In college athletics, recruiting is the term used for the process whereby college coaches add prospective student athletes to their roster each off-season.

Video & Stats

These are two key infromation elements to the student athlete resume when collegiate coaches begin their initial evaluation of you, the student athlete. As a parent, we take an active role in building the video library as well as complying statistical information on the student athlete.  This holds true for every sport. 

Freshman starting her journey

Vantage Athletes joins this student athlete on her journey to discovering opportunities to give her choices. "Ability is nothing without opportunity." - Napoleon Bonaparte