College Recuiting...truly defined

Recruiting (college athletics)
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In college athletics, recruiting is the term used for the process whereby college coaches add prospective student athletes to their roster each off-season.

College coaches recruit, therefore Vantage Athletes is not a recruiting service.  We are a opportunity service; a service that puts the student athlete in the position to be recruited with a purpose to give student athletes choices.  We want to get you on a recruit list, schools that you and Vantage Athletes have realistically identified.  If one is serious about the opportunites they must put themselves out there, those opportunities will not come knocking.  There is a small percentage of student athletes that will be recuited by collegiate programs through high school, but for the majority of student athletes opportunites need to be developed through the high school years.  It takes time and organization, but it can happen.

The following is a comment from a Division II football coach and how Vantage Athletes is a benefit to recuiting.

"As a long time college football coach, the advice I have always given parents of prospective student-athletes is to "personalize the process."  Recruiting the right or best student-athletes to our football program is not only time consuming, it is far from perfect.  As a result, many coaches like me rely on services like Vantage Athletes to assist us in the process.  In this day and age of Social Media, having an outside source like Vantage Athletes to provide us with the essential information necessary for contact and evaluation helps to simplify our recruiting efforts, as it brings the student-athlete directly to us.  It has proven to be an extremely beneficial tool as we work our way through the process from initial identification all the way to final decisions." - Rob Smith

We leave the recuiting to the colleges. At Vantage Athletes we take the lead in putting you in the positon to be recuited; creating opportunites.