The Game Plan

Game Plan

The first question one must honestly ask, Do you have what it takes to compete at the next level? 

If so, Vantage Athletes wants to join your team.
  • As a general rule, 1% of the athletic pool has been scouted in the early years of their career and have been highlighted by those schools with interest.

  • It is the 99% that must work to introduce themselves to the collegiate sector;
They must gather and organize their information; construct a package that represents the achievements of the student athlete; athletically and academically
and then
They must research collegiate contacts and distribute their information; an introduction that starts a communication path with the next level.
Frustrating, time consuming, confusing; it is just part of the long process

..........Vantage Athletes is here………

  • Somebody out there wants you; they appreciate your athletic ability and academic standards……The trick is finding them and presenting you at your best.
  • We want to open those doors of opportunity and create choices that will help the student athlete find a collegiate experience that fits them not just athletically, but academically and socially.
  • We present the student athlete; using a proactive approach to Head Coaches,  Assistant Coaches, and/or Directors of Recruiting, in an accurate, honest and professional format.
    • Vantage Athletes evaluates your ability to assist with collegiate direction.
    • We ask for your choices plus utilize our network for additional recommendations in the contact database.
    • We encourage the student athlete to consider all possible opportunities;  DI, DII, DIII, NAIA and NJCAA
    • Delivery is tracked using our personally constructed email system, giving Vantage Athletes and the student athlete important profile feedback.
  • At Vantage Atheltes we focus on opportunities that lead to choices, which may or may not lead to financial assistance.
    • We do not guarantee college placement or scholarships, nor are we affiliated with any University or Institution.
    • Vantage Athletes has no control over financial assistance offerings, but our goal is to help you reach that point.
    • Any scholarship or financial assistance is the final dialog between the student athlete, family and Institution.

  • We compile all your athletic and academic history into one package for presentation, some content included:
    • Personal Message (video or text format)…..”Who are you?”
    • Video (we host full game and highlights)…..edit and loading done in house
    • Stats, Athletic Achievements, Game schedules
    • High School and Club Information
    • Coach Evaluation (video or text format)
    • SAT, ACT, Transcripts, and Academic Achievements
    • And more………
  • We are not just mainstream sport focused; we cover every NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA sport available.
The student athlete has worked his or her entire young life; academically and athletically with aspirations of playing at next level.   Vantage Athletes is here to compile, organize and present all those accomplishments; searching for……
Opportunities that lead to Choices