Game Time

Game Time
  • Once Vantage Athletes is asked to join your team, construction begins. Understand that this is not an overnight process; it has taken time for the student athlete to develop in their sport and now you must gather, compile and deliver the necessary information for profile construction.

  • Vantage Athletes takes a team approach to profile construction and presentation. 

  • Vantage Athletes not only uses our resources, but relies on the people involved in making the student athlete who they are today (parents, high school coaches, club coaches, teachers, counselors, athletic directors, etc.).  We believe in utilizing the necessary resources that will best present the student athlete in the profile format.

  • The hours of profile construction, research, presentation and persistence at Vantage Athletes is reflective of the student athlete's work in the classroom and on their game.

  • We are just one component that will help a student athlete in the process of realizing possible collegiate opportunities. 

  • Vantage Athletes will email (or mail) a questionnaire that gives us a foundation for the student athlete including athletic, academic, high school, club and personal information.

  • Communication between Vantage Athletes, the student athlete and team is typically through phone, text, and email, with video calls possible.  A personal meeting is ideal, a situation that Vantage Athletes would certainly embrace if possible.  The student athlete's profile is viewable 24/7, so Vantage Athletes mirrors that. We are here 24/7.

  • Critical components of the student athlete's profile are statistics and video.  These tools are crucial in the presentation of the student athlete, as it gives universities tangible items on which to base their initial evaluation of the student athlete’s ability and the possible fit into their program.  Vantage Athletes does all our own editing, loading and hosting - all you do is provide video.  Statistics are constantly updated upon you providing the latest data.  This can be a difficult component, but remember, this is about portraying the student athlete who numerous coaching staff members will read and watch…’s all about you.

  • Once your profile is constructed and delivered, coaches have full access to your information (athletic, academic and video).  The link remains live (we encourage coaches to save your link), every update made is reflected in your profile, therefore in the coaches computer!

  • We assist the student athlete with their NCAA and NAIA Eligibility Center requirements, SAT and ACT information, and any FASFA questions.

  • If we do not have an answer for you, we will go find it…..

  • We do not measure our success on scholarships, but on opportunities created.

  • Using our email tacking service, once coach has received your profile, we can track who opened it, when they opened it, what they opened, and what they looked at.  This is critical to Vantage Athletes and the student athlete for direction.  It makes our path of communication accurate and efficient with those Universites or Institutions.

  • Once an opportunity is discovered; it becomes the student athlete's responsibility to follow through.  Once we have helped you get to the doors of opportunity and helped open them……it is the student athlete who must take the step through.  Vantage Athletes will be there until the end to answer questions, give advice, provide more information, to support the student athlete in anyway and to congratulate them.

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