If you build it and present it, they will come

“If you build it, they will come.”

Sound familiar?  At Vantage Athletes; when it is built and presented they will take notice at the collegiate level.  In order for the student athlete to be acknowledged they must willing and able to put themselves out there for the college sector to determine the opportunity for the student athlete to fit within their program.  Vantage Athletes proactive and professional approach to introducing the student athlete does just that, creating those unimaginable opportunities that were once just a thought.

A recent campaign introduction of a female student athlete, a goalkeeper from a rural community, created results that stunned the student athlete and family.  Vantage Athletes realized she possessed the athletic ability to continue at the next level, but the surprise to the student athlete and family was the recognition and reception she received when introduced by Vantage Athletes.  The student athlete and family set the parameters for introduction (location); 11 Western States that covered all college levels (excluding junior colleges).  In a twelve hour period a successful introduction to over half of her contacts occurred; industry standards, one-fifth.   One-third inquired about more student athlete information or provided their program information in direct correspondence with her.  Surprised they were, but a standard Vantage Athletes.

With introductions successful and communication established the student athlete, family and Vantage Athletes moves into another phase; developing (growing) those opportunities.   When a student athlete has been acknowledged for their athletic ability using our profile and presentation, programs with interest will want to see you play.  This student athlete has provided those coaches with a spring tournament schedule (also in her updated profile) and she will decide on what ID camps to attend (the biggest bang for her buck).  How impressive to attend a camp where those hosting the camp already know your name, have a glimpse of your athletic ability, your academic load and personal information; they already know you.  While this student athlete positions herself for formal introductions and live evaluations, Vantage Athletes continues to work for her.  We will monitor her athletic and academic progress, maintain the profile, research possible additional financial aid opportunities that may apply; soccer is an equivalency sport.  We will actively oversee and assist her, and do everything possible for her in order to achieve her goal of playing at the collegiate level. 
This student athlete will soon find herself deep in the process, where she will have to prove her worthiness at the collegiate level and Vantage Athletes will be with her the entire time, as we are with all our student athletes.  At this point there is no talk of financial aid, but in order to get to this point there was an introduction followed by communication.  Any form of athletic scholarship (financial aid) dialog is last on the list when talking with institutions.  It is dialog between the institution offering, the student athlete and family, not the “recruiting” service.  That makes Vantage Athletes different; we seek opportunities.  And in order to discover those opportunities it takes hours of organization, construction, research, delivery, networking and commitment, all to benefit you; the student athlete.  It has happened with this young female athlete, but her work and ours is just beginning.  She has been acknowledged and received; those unimaginable opportunities have been realized.
Don’t let the word “scholarship” cloud your vision of seeking out opportunities of continuing your sport, your passion, your dream, while pursuing your college education.  The unimaginable opportunities are out there; discovering and grasping them is our passion at Vantage Athletes.