Recruiting process is not to be taken lightly……. Honesty and Humility go a long way

For a majority of student athletes, the work continues outside practice and away from the game. Unknown to that majority is the preparation, time, and commitment off the playing field that is required to be recognized in what is becoming a more and more competitive environment; finding place to play while pursuing their college degree.  During my occasional readings I came across a statement that clarified this, “while the construction of universities has significantly slowed or halted, the number of student athletes continues to grow exponentially”, a simple matter of supply and demand.

Because of this situation, the student athlete must be humbled by what opportunities are presented.  Disregarding the level of play (DI, II, III, NAIA, NJCAA); the student athlete must ask themselves;

  • How serious am I about continuing to play? 
  • Do I possess what is takes? (Athletically, academically, and socially)
  • Am I willing to commit myself? 
  • Do I have the passion & desire, not just athletically, but with the challenge of the recruiting process
………….No matter the opportunities presented.

If the student athlete continues on the recruiting path without addressing those questions and is unable to be humbled by opportunities, the process will not be successful.  This sense of disappointment lingers not only in the student athletes mind but for those all involved in helping him or her achieve their goal.  Honesty to one’s self is sometimes a characteristic that gets mishandled or is never addressed.  It is far more impressive to be honest up front than to go through the process with a false sense of notion; for all involved.

When these opportunities arise, the student athlete should feel proud with a sense of accomplishment; for any level of play.  The student athlete needs to be aware, that they are a small percentage of the student population that has been afforded that chance, that opportunity.  However, once presented, the work (on & off the game field) must continue in order to nurture the growth of those opportunities presented.
Opportunities are out there for today’s student athlete, the results can be unimaginable, but being realistic and humble are just a few of the necessary elements in the recruiting process.

Merritt Ford, Vantage Athletes