Who We Are

Vantage Athletes price packages:
  • High School Freshman-Sophomore-Junior         $ 2,250.00
  • High School Senior                                                           $ 1,750.00

Vantage Athletes considers July 1st the month of transition (grade change)
All contracts expire July of the graduating year. 

Vantage Athletes has no corporate sponsorship nor are we a subscription based entity.  We operate for the student athletes and families; our success, and yours, is based on the service, reputation and results that we strive to achieve in discovering those unimaginable opportunities for the student athletes and families.

What Vantage Athletes brings to you:

  • Profile construction (a live profile) that will include:
Athletic Achievements' (career)
Academic Achievements’ (career)
Video (full game, highlights, individuals)
Personal Message (text or video format; we provide outline to get you started)
High School & Club contact information
Personal Information
References and/or Evaluations (text or video format)
Game schedules posted & maintained
Stats; personal or linked attachment
Press releases; highlighting your accomplishments (linked)
  • Video editing, loading and hosting. We in-house edit and load, can include full game film.  Segmented film clips for those individual sport athletes.
  • College research assistance
We base our research on criteria information that we provide you.
Vantage Athletes also can add additional upon your request.
  • Profile delivery
Profile is sent to coaches of universities that Vantage Athletes and the student athlete initially agree upon. 
The mailing list is always able to adjust according the wishes of the student athlete.
Our unique tracking system allows the delivery process to be efficient as possible.
After profile has been delivered (you have been introduced at the collegiate level) we continue to work for you.......

  • Constant monitoring of your profile activity, with up to date information provided.
  • NCAA and NAIA Eligibility Center assistance
  Monitoring of your eligibility center accounts for completeness during the process.
  • SAT & ACT test date reminders, recommendations for test taking tips that may apply.
  • FAFSA assistance and reminders concerning your participation in this program.
  • Scholarship concerns;
           Equivalency Sports classification vs. Head Count Sports classification considerations.
“Reciprocity” programs, we will introduce you to the possible opportunities, if they apply to your situation.
Will research and inform you of possible national, state & local scholarship opportunities that may apply to you.
We will try to bridge the financial gap using our resources and networking ability.
As your search has narrowed, we will research possible scholarship opportunities that are available within those universities.
We will provide you with additional resources for further assistance.
  • Unofficial & Official tips for your visits – personal encouragement and coaching.
  • Full access to your profile; for corrections or additions using your personal login information.
  • We maintain all your information in hard copy and computer file format.
  • 24/7 access to me; Merritt Ford, from where ever you are.
  • We are not limited to the above mentioned, we are not just a profile service; we will do everything possible for you to achieve success.
"At Vantage Athletes the process goes on 360 days, a day missed could be an opportunity lost"
As you see, we are a full service and personal program that is concerned with the student athletes’ success at any level.  We have been called by some as a “management service,”  whatever you want to call us our primary function is to help young athletes discover and successfully take the next step in their journey; athletically and academically.
The success of the process is based on an introduction of you, so that you may be recruited by the collegiate sector.  But there key elements that the student athlete must have; the athletic ability and desire, sincerity, the academic standards, and be humble with opportunities. 


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